Boost React development productivity

Advanced plugin for IntelliJ IDEs with visual tools and code assistance making development faster and more convenient.

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React Buddy's mission is to make development on React.js stack easier

Per-component Preview

Preview any component of your application. Select elements in the preview and navigate to the source code.


See compact representation of components structure including JSX tree. Reorder tree nodes. Guards, maps, render functions also supported.

Components Palette

Overview available components through the configurable palette. Drag and drop components from the palette to the code editor/JSX tree. Preview each component right inside the IDE.

Property Editor

View and change the selected element's properties. Generate action handlers.

Coding assistance

Generate event handlers and hooks using quick-fixes and code generation actions.
React Buddy is a standard IntelliJ plugin, which can be installed from your running WebStorm or other IntelliJ IDE with JavaScript support.
Follow Preferences → Plugins →
search “React Buddy“ → Install
You can also download it as an archive from the JetBrains Marketplace
We will provide the plugin for free as long as we can. Coding assistance and low-level features will always be free. Some advanced features may become paid since 2023. Join the early adopters crew to have a chance to recieve a free license.
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